Hey....are you listening?!

I sure do like hay! I also enjoy eating grass, pellets, peanut butter, and anything that I can taste with my sandpaper tongue.

Okay, so I love food, but that's because I am a growing boy.

My name is "Gus" and I was born May 19, 2022, which in astrology just so happens to make me a Taurus, aka "the bull." So, what are the chances?! I was also born on Endangered Species Day. I am a Miniature Zebu, which is a critically endangered cattle breed. We are also one of the oldest cattle breeds in the world. 

I am not supposed to grow very large and most of my family members will only reach 300-600 pounds. And we can live to be 20-30 years old so I still have awhile before I can drive.

I have a hump on my back, which is normal for Zebus and gives me even more character.

I love to run, play, kick my legs in the air, and travel. 

My best friends are Ronan and Tully, who are Irish Wolfhounds. They love to run with me in the yard and we take many long naps together, especially when the sun is shining.